The term "tilt-up" describes a method for rapidly and economically constructing concrete walls without the formwork necessary for poured-in-place walls.

Concrete tilt-up Examples

  • Komar Business Cntr
  • Jersey I & II
  • Vista Paints Corp.

    This type of construction is a two step process: 

    First, slabs of concrete, which will comprise sections of wall, are cast horizontally on the floor slab, or separate casting slab.  When these large slabs - weighing 40 tons or more and averaging only 6" to 8" thick - have attained sufficient strength, usually in a week to 10 days, they are lifted (tilted) with a crane and set on prepared foundations.   

    The erected panels are temporarily braced, connected, and the joints between them caulked. The roof structure is then constructed and attached to the walls to complete the building shell.

    Concrete Tilt-Up construction is fast and affordable.

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